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I am very excited to be invited to Millbrook Elementary School tomorrow to share Grizzy’s Journey. There are 3 readings K-2. The book is also for sale and I offer a deep discount. The best part of these readings is what I find the children take away from it. When Grizzy is paralyzed it can be a bit “heavy” but I see the children routing for him the entire way to celebrate him walking at the end. Each reading that I do I ask the children to keep their questions until the end but also to think of something that they may take away from the story. Generally, it is “to never give up” or that “miracles do happen.” This warms my heart and makes it all worth it. Mr. Griz is coming and the kids are always very excited to see him. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me. I also do many non-profit events to donate proceeds from the book. Stay tuned for “Who took Sheepie.” I am grateful for the opportunity and if I can make a difference in an animals life or a children’s perspective on never giving up, it is a WIN!