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It is really difficult to find a rehab specialist that has the resource, skills, and willpower to get a large dog that is paralyzed to walk.  In fact, I looked over the entire tri-state area and found one.  Thank GOD I did.  Shaker Vet, in Lathem NY.  For a dog as bit as Griz, you need inpatient.  This is unless you are very close and bring him every day.  I recently looked at some prestigious surgical center in the greater NYC area.  I have not found one with rehab.  There are rebab centers, but they are going to e-rehab.  What is that you say?  They look at your dog, and they figure out exercises that may help him that you can watch or print and you go home with them to try on our own.  While this price is much lower, I can’t imagine success in many.  Particularly the skill required, equipment, education and skill required to get a paralyzed dog to walk.  Here is a link.  It is just a heads up to be cautioned.  I reviewed the internet for exercises for months, bought books and even had local PT to my home to show me techniques.  In my case and I’d bet any large breed e-rehab will not work unless you are trained in veterinary care.  Here is an example:

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Just food for thought from experience.