Grizzy needs cervical surgery ASAP :(

When we brought Grizzy for surgery due to our local vet’s diagnosis of Wobblers,   we were sent to the “best” in the area.   Here is a good write up of the lousy syndrome.

While Grizzy had a bad case of Wobblers that came on so suddenly, nothing could prepare us for what we were getting into financially, mentally and physically.  When we got the call that surgery was a success, we were thrilled.  Having said that Grizzy’s case has and continues to be nothing that the textbooks, research, and professionals describe or “promise”  about this horrible debilitating syndrome, treatment,

Our poor Grizzy

and success rates.  Grizzy wound up staying longer than normal because he did not show good neurological signs post op.  In fact, he walked into the Surgical Vet but was discharged on a gurney completely paralyzed.  160 pound paralyzed beautiful young mastiff.  During his stay, we visited him every day, but I only brought Luke once.  While the surgical area and staff were impressive, it was a dark and somber scene for our Grizzy.  His eyes said, “what the heck happened to me, Mommy I can’t move, and I’m in a lot of pain!”   Grizzy went from running around finding Easter eggs to 3 weeks later a dog with quadriplegia.  As you can see from my Luke’s face, he was very upset.

During this journey and today, I continue to learn more and more about Wobblers and treatment.  Feel free to contact me.  Also, take a look at “Me, My Dog and a Sheep” available on Amazon.  The reviews thus far have been great and the author readings I have done to elementary grade children have really been a great experience for me.  The children are empathetic, and hang on to every word about Grizzy’s journey to walking.  See one below.  Thank you for joining me on this blog and allowing me to share this experience of a special dog never giving up.  A lesson that can be applied to everything in life.  The link attached is a good explanation of this horrible syndrome:   wobbler-syndrome