“If you love animals, this is a book that you will not regret picking up!” OnlineBookClub.org

“Mullamphy’s book, based on a true story, shows her families love for the brave dog, and deep gratitude for Veterinary professionals. Readers will cheer at the outcome…” Kirkus Reviews

“Mullamphy does such a masterful job at building suspense about Grizzy’s outcome… In Me, My Dog, and a Sheep, a determined dog’s fight is a reminder of what really matters. Young readers will hang on to every word.” Foreword Clarion Reviews

Me, My Dog, and a Sheep-CLARION REVIEW (3)


“This book brought me to tears. I am such an animal person and my dog means so much to me. I cannot imagine the strength of this little boy. He was so strong for his fuzzy best friend. I highly recommend…” Gabriella M Reads, NetGalley Reviewer

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4 out of 4 stars

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Me, My Dog and a Sheep by Melissa Mullamphy is a story of hope, faith, and perseverance. In this book, the author shares her family’s real-life experiences with their dog, Grizzy. It is 52 pages long and belongs to the Children’s book genre.

The book begins with a four-month-old dog, Grizzy, being ignored by all customers at a pet store due to his age. One day, Luke’s father selected Grizzy and gave a two-year-old Luke his new best friend. A few years later, one day, when Grizzy could not stand, the family took him to a doctor and discovered that Grizzy needed surgery, after which, Grizzy was left paralyzed. The rest of the book describes the struggles of both Grizzy and the family, as they cope with the situation and do everything that they possibly can for Grizzy’s recovery, despite knowing that there are bleak chances of success. Will Grizzy be able to walk again? Will Grizzy and the Family’s tireless attempts prove to be successful? Will Luke be able to play with his best friend again? More importantly, how is a sheep relevant to the story? Read the book to find out!

The story is told from Luke’s perspective. Luke’s thoughts and feelings are expressed in a manner that would enable anyone, but specifically, children, to connect with him and hope for the best for him. Further, the author has included numerous pictures of the real dog and family (who the plot is based on) which made me extremely involved in their story. As a result, to be honest, I doubt any reader would be able to read the book without hoping and praying for the best.

As I read through the book, I found it to be an emotional roller coaster. The first page included a real image of the dog, and I felt like I could see the pain in his eyes. As an animal lover, that picture had a large impact on me. Towards the beginning of the book, the author described how “sad and abandoned” the dog felt when every customer walked by him and did not select him. At that point, I could almost feel the dog’s pain. As the plot moved ahead, it was inspiring to read how, despite every failed attempt, Grizzy and the family never gave up. They did everything they could, at every step. Without giving away any spoilers, I can mention that the end was also emotional.

In terms of language, I thought that the book was well written. The vocabulary and sentence structures were simple and I found no word that, in my belief, a child would not understand. The book seems professionally edited and has been formatted as well. There were large, full-page illustrations on every alternate page. The illustrations were simple but appropriate with regard to the text they represented. Overall, I thought that the book was very easy to understand and follow.

I have no major issues with the book. One thing that I did not expect was that all the pages had a blue background. It took me a little time to adjust to the background and its contrast with the black text. However, eventually, I got used to it and it did not bother me much. However, this is not a major issue, and many readers might actually like the blue background.

I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars. I thought that it was well written and had an important message for children – not to give up. After finishing the book, I felt good about having read it. To me, that is a definite sign of a great book. While I would definitely recommend the book for children, I would also recommend it for animal lovers of any age group. If you love animals, this is a book that you will not regret picking up!

Me, My Dog and a Sheep 
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Post by Mettamarie » 21 Mar 2018, 06:31

This review made me want to get a couple copies of this book. One for my grandchildren,to share after I read it and for our Vision Therapy office. The children and adults we work with must read stories in their therapy sessions and for homework. I am always looking for good books to promote reading in my patients.
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stacie kMe, My Dog, and a Sheep-CLARION REVIEW (3)

Post by stacie k » 21 Mar 2018, 13:16

I love that this author has made a lesson of hope, faith, and perseverance accessible to children! I wonder, though, would it be too much for a very sensitive child? You mention that it took you on an emotional roller coaster. I do know some children who may not be able to handle such moving content, especially if they have a beloved pet of their own. To me, the book sounds amazing! I’m extremely curious how a sheep plays into the story! Thank you for a wonderful review!
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Author Melissa Mullamphy tackles a tough subject—when a beloved pet is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease—with charm, humor, and genuine insight as expressed through the eyes of her sensitive son, Luke.

Grizzy, no ordinary dog, and Luke, his compassionate sidekick, are portrayed as kindred spirits in Me, My Dog, and a Sheep. At once poignant, authentic, and energizing, Mullamphy’s tale will connect with pet lovers—old and young alike—as powerfully and eternally as the bond between a boy and his dog.